Beauty and the Beast and remakes through the years

March 17,2017 is fast approaching.Have you purchased yourtickets? Are you filled with excitement.Are you ready for another tale as old as time? Did you love the live action Cinderella or did it leave you asking what did I just watch?

The animated version of Beauty and the Beast is my all time favorite movie. While I am excited about the live action version I find myself asking why mess with perfection? Then I realized what my view of awesome is may not be the same as anothers. I started thinking about the may different versions we have of songs, stories,television shows and how we are so opinionated.

I would love to get various opinions of remakes,etc through the years. My favorite version of Cinderella is Rodgers and Hammerstein Cinderella,yet even though this is my favorite version I prefer Whitney Houston’s version of Impossible. So my question is even though you may have a favorite version of a movie, play, song, how do you feel when your favorite version goes off track

I hope Beauty and the Beast turns out to be awesome,but if not I still have my animated version that will always be enchanting












Today I would like to discuss using social media as a marketing tool.As a self-published author I have read every article imaginable on how to use social media as a marketing tool to get my book noticed. All articles begin with the advice identify your target audience.That’s all well and good for those who alreday have a following,however for the average person that just doesn’t work. I guess patience is a virtue I must learn as I make this journey into the marketing world. I am finding the best marketing is to promote at physical venues such as arts and craft shows, book festivals, etc. Right now I think blogging is for the birds.





Book launch party and what I learned.

I wrote a children’s picture book and decided to self publish through createspace.My initial reason for writing “Who Will Kiss Us Goodnight?”and self-publishing was a timing issue. If you have read my previous blog you know a co-worker of mine was a victim of domestic violence, leaving behind two young children. I thought I was writing a book for them that would say someone will be there to take care of you. The first edition is a rushed hurry up and publish edition.Last year I decided the book needed a revision,shorten the story and better illustrations.Of course I read all the blogs and articles on how to market your book. A book launch party sounded like a perfect idea.Where should I hold this event? The local library, what a perfect place.I have to say the venue was great and they didn’t even charge me the $15.00 for the room.So this is what I learned from that experience, if they tell you they will post flyers for you, you better keep checking back because you can’t trust anything any one tells you.

 The next thing I learned is you can play musical chairs about 60 time and the kids love it. They are happy with simple snacks like animal crackers and punch.They sat still and listened to the book and had some really entertaining answers to the questions I asked after the book reading. I had one grandparent tell me their grandchild talked about how much fun he had all the way home.

I over planned which wasn’t necessary, I should have stayed on top of inviting the community to my event, I under estimated how awesome the kids were going to be and one very last and very important thing about my learning experience is don’t drink lime punch if it takes your breath away right before you are going to read your book.The kids made my book launch a big success.

Who Will Kiss Us Goodnight?A Crawfish tail.


Phil E. Gumbo was a character I created when I purchased a crawfish toy. Of course he had to have an identity and a story. Little did I know years later his story would change and take on a new meaning for me.

April 17,2010  one of my co-workers lost her life due to domestic violence. Each day as I walked past the memory board I would think ,how do you tell children their lives will change forever?How do they grieve, as well as adjust to living in a new envirinment? How does a grandparent make adjustments when they suddenly become the primary care giver and they are grieving as well? Every day I would ask myself, who will tuck the kids in at night? Who will read them their bedtime stories? Who will kiss them goodnight? Suddenly, Phil came to life again.How would he and his sister deal with losing their parents and having to live with their Grandma?

Phil’s family goes out to eat at a new restaunt called”The Net” that turns out to be a trap his parents get caught in. “The Net” is a metaphor. His parents may be gone forever, they may be in a fish tank, they may have escaped “The Net” but are struggling to make it back to their children.

The story is also based on my mother-in-laws own story. After losing her parents at a young age she was raised in  a kinship care family. She took her brothers car and ran away.Phil is to young to drive so his running away experience is slightly different.What they both learn is people who love you will be there for you.

My hope is that Phil, Penny, and Grandma Rue will become a symbol for kinship care families and it will be a book that all children ask their kinship caregivers to read to them every night, mom,dad,grandma,grandpa, aunt,uncle,brother,sister, whoever makes up your family